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Check out our Merchvault for new and upcoming drops!
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MerchVault X Gadget Pilipinas Benchmark Tee

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Gadget Pilipinas is a tech media brand that is known for their tech reviews and their website is often visited for their endeavors to explain complicated jargons to their wide range of audience. They often test, review and benchmark devices to make sure that their audience are able to know which devices are best for the needs of various individuals.

The "Benchmark" Tee is created to mirror the lifestyle and passion that Gadget Pilipinas wants to portray for technology. The shirt is a statement that technology is a part of everyone's life, and let's all be honest, technology is also one of the reasons you are able to view this post right now. The Gadget Pilipinas team also wanted a their shirt to show their pride for being Filipinos, as seen on the shirt, their website name (GP) is written in Baybayin. 

Their shirt is also called the "Benchmark" tee, as it is the first of their many merch coming out. They stand with their belief that their audience should embrace the love for technology and the Filipino culture. The "Benchmark" Tee is created to empower their audience and make them part of their community.



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